Why chiro physical rehab?

Dr. Bradley has the belief that if you have a body, you are an athlete. That’s why he has created a performance place for achievement that any organization can use to help all its people reach their potential. After all, the well-being and optimization of every person on a team are vital to its success.

He believes taking control of personal health and performance is a universal challenge. No matter your profession, from software engineer to sports star, you want to improve every day—and not just at work.

"Performance is about achieving what matters to you, and that’s what matters to me." - Dr. Brunner

Success is not defined by performing at a high level once. It’s about getting better every day.

Your success is personal.

When it comes to improving health and performance, a one-size-fits-all approach fits no one well. That’s why I’ve created a performance place for achievement that goes beyond conventional chiropractic or traditional healthcare. I'm connecting people to the things that are vital to their health—the daily deposits for success that are performed day after day.

When you check out my services, you’ll find tailored treatments that guide people to improve in the four pillars of performance:

  • Mindset
  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Recovery

I also work with you to create an environment, whether physical or virtual, that helps you feel safe, supported, and in control of your health. Every last person in that environment works together to produce lasting results for optimal success.

The scenery may change, but a player’s road to optimal performance never ends.

While athletes’ careers evolve and goals change, one constant is the demand for staying at the top of their game, and pushing it to new levels. The only way to do that is by unlocking potential while avoiding or recovering from injury.

That’s why Dr. Bradley Brunner develops personalized game plans for athletes around the area at any point in their career, from high school tryouts to college championships to retirement. He only does what works best for the team and every player.

His treatment sessions are provided through a combination of in-person chiropractic sports medicine as well as virtual nutrition visits. So teams and athletes always have useful data, insights, and expert guidance within reach.

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